Dal 1990
For over 30 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and introducing pump units, technical compartments and certified modular water tanks for private and industrial use in the fire safety sector and market.
Azienda Toscana
We are the only Tuscan company involved in this type of production, as well as one of the select few in Italy as a whole.
Controllo completo
We fully handle the entire production cycle and have mastered every aspect of it:
this is why we don’t limit ourselves to merely providing fire protection.
Sicurezza 360
Our objective is to achieve all-around security:
the peace of mind, for those who work with us, to know that they are in good hands. And with good reason.

We know that every company has its own safety needs, each in its own way:
we do our part to protect their work, their value and their very lives.

By relying on the strength of our experience and know-how as manufacturers, we are capable of guaranteeing and maintaining a complete, constant level of fire protection over time.

Our fire safety maintenance service does not end at prevention or rapid response during an emergency, however: we carefully monitor the unique nature of each business, so as to avert risk situations and resolve them in the best possible manner.

GEI Antincendio products
GEI Antincendio products


GEI antincendio services
GEI antincendio services



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