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As an alternative to fully purchasing a fire extinguishing system, GEI suggests instead adopting the operating lease method, in partnership with Grenke – a leading company in the financial sector. This option allows, by means of a fixed periodic fee, to have the system readily available without purchasing it entirely. An operating lease includes, besides the availability of the product itself, a whole range of opportunities to take advantage of, among them the benefit of consistent tech updates for the equipment, a fire safety system maintenance and support service and, of course, the peace of mind of having all insurance coverage required.


  • ico durata Variable, Flexible Duration: from 24 to 60 months.
  • ico zero Zero Surprises: the risks inherent to ownership remain in the lessor’s hands.
  • ico budget Assured Budget: one simple payment each month corresponds to the full cost of the product and customer support.
  • ico produttivita Constant Productivity: the system’s functionality is kept consistently up to date and thus at peak efficiency.
  • ico protezione No Financial Exposure: an operating lease is a commercial contract, not a loan.
  • ico detraibilita 100% Tax Advantage: fee and interest are fully deductible and tax deductible.
  • ico flessibilita Flexible and Improvable: contract changes may be made on the go, e.g. replacing a product or enhancing it.
  • ico zero Zero IRAP (Regional Business Tax): no taxation on lease fees.

  • ico durata What if your company grows? Then the fire extinguishing system grows with it.
    No need to draw up a new contract to accommodate, the existing one can simply be modified.
  • ico durata What if your company would like to own the system?
    At the end of the lease period, you will have a chance to fully purchase the product upon payment of an additional minimum fee.

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