with VTPs Vertical Turbine Pumps


Technical Features and Performance

Our VTP fire extinguishing systems are available in the following configurations:

1 electric pump + pilot pump
2 electric pumps + pilot pump
1 electric pump + 1 motor pump + pilot pump
1 electric pump + 2 motor pumps + pilot pump
1 motor pump + pilot pump
2 motor pumps + pilot pump
3 motor pumps + pilot pump

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The main advantage of VTP systems is that they are provided in an underhead configuration. Standard material for the pump body and impeller is cast iron. However, for special applications, we can provide pump impellers made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Each main pump is operated by its own electrical control panel with an IP65 metal box.

For hydrant network systems, GEI includes a time switch inside the control panel, as requested by UNI 10779.

The motors we pair with the hydraulics are, in compliance with UNI EN 12845, three-phase asynchronous electric motors, standardised for general use in industrial settings and ranging from 4 Kw to 250 Kw. The diesel motors we pair with the hydraulics range from 4 Kw to 265 Kw. They can be direct air cooled, or cooled via a radiator or water heat exchanger. The fuel tank that GEI provides with the motor is designed and sized in accordance with UNI EN 12845 so as to ensure the proper functioning of the motor at full strength for at least 6 hours.

  • Custom system design and manufacture based on specific needs
  • Product is delivered fully assembled and ready to install
  • Everything is planned, organised and carried out with insured shipping
  • Minimum production and delivery times: 48h – 72h
  • Technical support for fire extinguishing system installation
  • Support for choosing the best technical option for new fire extinguishing systems and their design, or upgrading pre-existing systems
  • Specialised maintenance support over all of Italy, including SLA (Service Level Agreement) as required by UNI EN 12845
  • Weekly surveillance training for technical personnel, as required by UNI EN 12845
  • Technical drawings in 3D DWG format
  • Detailed specifications and precise technical documentation
  • Vertical development on fire extinguishing systems with our product Partners
  • Telephone support during installation and/or first startup
  • User, installation and maintenance manuals issued
  • Replacement parts always available
  • Up to 48 months warranty
  • Also available on an “operating lease” basis in partnership with Grenke


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